About Sikh Yatra we have tried to introduce some new segments of religious tourism. We are a group of tourism professionals who always tried to excel in the tourism industry of Pakistan. After a comprehensive research on Sikh Yatra segment, we reached to conclusion that Pakistan need to improve the whole system with regard to facilitation of yatra tours to Pakistan. As result we do not claim that we have achieved the targets but at least succeeded bringing awareness of the importance of this segment in the offices of Punjab Government and the federal as well.

The purpose of Sikh Yatra project is to make millions of the followers of Sikh Religion able to take yatra tour with minimum hassles of visa procedures and then rendering quality services while visiting Gurwaras in Pakistan. Sikh Yatra project is mainly focused to bring more yatrees to Pakistan on lowest possible prices of yatra packages only needful for survival rather than making it on commercial basis – in other words it is more Seva that is the utmost reward for us.

In order to bring some positive changes in visa system we are closely working with Punjab Government that is keen to help us for the promotion of Sikh Tourism to Pakistan. This would be a big way to pay tribute to Guru Nanak Dev Jee from the Pawittar Dharti of Punjab and at the same time the project would be helpful for the alleviation of poverty from the region that it is deserved.

Sikh Yatra Management:

Mr. Mehmood A. Malik is head of project. He is well traveled and has more than 30 years of tourism industry experience with him. He studied in German and Holland and can speak French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. He is also appointed by Prime Minister as member NTCB (National Tourism Coordination Board) – he as strategist has played vital role in promotion of religious tourism in Pakistan.

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