This is a common and prime concern of tourists or yatrees who are to travel in Pakistan or even somewhere else in the world. As a matter of fact terrorism is a global phenomenon and may happen even in highly organized countries of the world whereas Pakistan has gone through its worst time of terrorism over the last decade.

Pakistan has done its best to eradicate this menace from this region and by the grace of almighty God the recent operations have been very successful across the country but nevertheless it happens time to time. I may claim that there was no such attack or even threat to incoming Yatrees to Pakistan as the Sikhs are much adored among the Pakistan society but nevertheless the state is highly conscious about any mishap and is fully prepared for preemptive security measures to protect the Yatrees.

There are two kinds of securities, one is provided by the government of Pakistan and the other one is through private security agencies. While travelling in Pakistan we have to accept state security but at the same time we would also take security services of private agencies to make fool proof security arrangements to make yatra safe and sound.